Aim & Objective

Our Aim

Through education we aim at giving enough opportunity for the inherent talents dormant in everyone to see the dawn and to have the sunshine while preserving one's originality,, creativity and spontaneity. Our aim is to make everyone to have the self-awareness that nobody is insignificant and everybody is born to do something remarkable, creative and original, without disrupting the innate goodness in every person.
Through education our effort is to make everyone, a full mature person, capable of understanding things properly, speak intelligibly and behave politely and do things concretely and efficiently. We want to include in them eternal values that are essential to life. Our endeavor is to help them to cultivate good habits and to form a refined character.
Through St. Joseph's college, a centre of wisdom and learning, nay, a centre of excellence, we envisage to groom the future leaders and citizens of our country who are able to relate themselves with everyone harmoniously without any discrimination of caste, creed and race. We encourage them to grow spiritually deep, intellectually sharp, psychologically fit, emotionally balanced, culturally broad-minded, mentally sound, aesthetically refined, physically strong, morally upright and socially acceptable, who will champion the cause of justice, love , truth and peace and who are ever open to further growth. We also aspire towards creating a just human society where dignity of the human person is upheld, where unjust social structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of Ahimsa, religious harmony and national integration is nurtured, and where the poor and the marginalized are specially taken care of. We believe in collective responsibility and hence we need to work together though the role to be played by each one is different.
The education society of the Catholic Diocese of Gorakhpur, a minority institution, opens the door for higher education in the following faculties to begin with:
1. Arts and Social Sciences
2. Sciences
3. Education(B.Ed.).

Our Main Objectives
1. To give Proper Formation in Character Building.
2. To impart Right Information in Personality Development.
3. To lead the students for Social Transformation.
4. To inculcate in them Responsible Citizenship to apprise them of one's duties and rights and other values.
5. To make them feel that We are Children of God and hence brothers and sisters.
6. To live a Selfless Life for the welfare of all.
7. To enable them to work for the emanicipation and empowerment of women.
8. To mould a fully developed and an integrated Person in body, mind and spirit according to the teaching of Jesus, Christ the Prince of Peace who could give himself up for others and forgive murderers from the Cross, on which they nailded him to die a shameful death.

Latest News

A Guest Lecture by Prof. Gaurhari Behera .
The department of English organised a guest Lecture on 18th September 2018.
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Monday will be Holiday
Monday will be holiday due to Viswkarma Pooja.
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The 66th episode of “Anokhi”, an initiative by Hindustan Press in collaboration with Star Plus was organized in St. Joseph’s College for Women.
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Operation Self defense for Women Workshop
Operation Self defense for Women Workshop Sponsored by U.P.P.
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International women's Day
St. Joseph's College for Women Wishes you all Happy Woman's Day.
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Industrial visit of B.Sc.students
Industrial visit of B.Sc.students to Pradeshik cooparetive dairy fedration Prayag dairy , Gorakhpur
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Press Release

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