Rules & Regulations

Attendance And Leave

1     Students are expected to attend classes regularly. The University rules require a student to attend a minimum of three fourth (75%) of lectures delivered and (90%) practicals conducted in each subject separately, failing which the student will not be permitted to appear for the University Examinations which means she will be losing an academic year.
2 The working day is divided into two sessions. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period.
3 Application for leave with the signature of the parent/guardian should be submitted to the Principal by the student herself.
4 Students not attending classes for more than two consecutive weeks must inform the Principal/ HOD, in writing, or else, their names will be struck off from the rolls of the College
5 If a student absents herself from the College without leave for more than 14 or more days continuously, her name will be struck off from the roll. She may be re-admitted on payment of a re-admission fee of Rs 100/- up to 15 days and Rs 200/-- up to 30 days along with the fine for the days' of absence
6 If a student's name has been struck off from the College rolls and yet she attends the College, her lectures will not be counted till she is re-admitted
7 In case of illness, Application for Leave along with a Medical Certificate (issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner) signed by the parent should be submitted to the Principal on re-joining the College.
8 In case the application for leave is not submitted within "One Week" after rejoining the College, attendance will not be considered in any case.
9 Attendance may be condoned in exceptional cases of serious illness or accident as per the provisions of the University Rules. Absence on account of minor ailments will be noted.
10 Permission to sanction leave more than a day and also from the internal examination is vested with the Principal of the College.
11 Repeated absence without leave is a serious breach of discipline.
12 Absence without leave on the re-opening day, from the Model Examinations and test papers will be dealt with seriously.
13 Leave of absence from the College Internal Examination can be granted only by the Principal.
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